There’s Snow Making Going On

January and February in the Smokies usually means that most places have slowed down as the cold weather moves in. At Ober Gatlinburg, however, things have heated up. It’s the perfect time to book a cabin and spend a few days hitting the slopes in one of the easiest ways possible: a snow-tubing.

Snow-Tubing Family Fun Winter Activity at Ober Gatlinburg

Snow-Tubing Winter Fun

Snow-tubing requires next to no skill. If you can sit down, you can snow-tube. To ski effectively, you need special boots, the right skis, poles, and most importantly, some ability to remain upright all the way down the mountain. With a tube, you sit, you push off, and you enjoy the thrill of sliding down the hillside in the comfort of a tube. It’s that easy.

Even so, anyone wanting to go snow-tubing at Ober Gatlinburg should be aware of a few things before heading for the slopes. Follow these tips to enjoy the best snow-tubing experience:

  • Dress appropriately. Sure, you don’t need the fancy gear that you would for skiing or snowboarding, that’s one of the attractions. But you still need to dress warmly. After all, you will be on the snow. Try to layer your clothing, wearing a layer more than you think you need. It’s easy enough to shed a layer if you’re too warm. Heating back up if you get chilled is a lot more difficult.
  • Take care of your extremities. You’ll lose most of your heat through your head, hands and feet. Concentrate your warming efforts there. Nothing beats a snug, warm hat in the winter. And a cozy pair of socks will keep the day running smoothly.
  • Think waterproof, especially for your gloves and socks. Even the warmest mittens get cold if they’re soggy. Wear a pair of gloves that will shed water rather than absorb it. Sure, those fuzzy fingerless gloves are as cute as can be when you’re kicking around town, but your poor fingers won’t like them so much when they’re soaked from the snow.
  • Plan ahead. Because of the popularity of snow-tubing, the slopes fill up quickly. Know the rules before you go. Snow-tubing at Ober Gatlinburg is for ages 3 and up. Riders age 3-5 must ride with an adult. Riders 6 years and up must be 42” tall to ride solo. Get to Ober Gatlinburg early to get your tickets, and fill out your waiver forms ahead of time by downloading them here.

Once you have all these details taken care of, you’re ready to hit the slopes in the cool, easy comfort of a tube. Slide on!