Synchronized Light & Music Show

As you tune your car radio to the right station, you’ll hear the sounds of Christmas come through the speakers. Turn up the volume a bit so that everyone in the car can hear and then drop into low gear to cruise through Shadrack’s Winter Wonderland!  The lines of bright LED bulbs blink, flash, pulse and swirl in time. for a fantastic synchronized Christmas lights and music experience.

Shadracks Christmas Village Winter Wonderland

Food, Fun and Santa!

Located on the grounds of the Tennessee Smokies Baseball Stadium, Shadrack’s Winter Wonderland in Sevierville is one of largest music and light displays around. Forbes magazine calls it one of the best Christmas shows in America. Hundreds of thousands of individual bulbs light the night sky. Put them all together and make them dance in time to Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” and the word “extravaganza” seems woefully inadequate to describe the scene. Is it a technological feat, or is it Christmas magic? You be the judge. Maybe it’s both.

The shows will begin as night begins to fall on November 4th and will close on January 8th. As soon as the sunset fades and the sky has turned dusky, the lights and music will get cranked up and will play continuously until 10 p.m., later on weekends. Whether the moon is shining or the rain is falling, the show will go on. The dazzling lights might even be better in the rain, with all the drops reflecting and multiplying the twinkles.

You pay by the vehicle, so safely load up to make the trip. The more the merrier. And everyone will enjoy a visit to Santa’s Village either before or after the drive. Admission is free to Santa’s Village, where you can get pictures with the jolly man himself through December 23rd. After that he’ll be a little bit busy with other obligations! The kids will also love the giant tent with inflatables. Five dollars will get unlimited access to all the bounces they can take. Of course you’ll want to grab something tasty from the Snack Bar… Kettle Corn and hot chocolate perhaps?

With two full months of shows, you’ll likely want to go more than once. Go the first time to get you in the Christmas spirit, then go again after New Year’s to start the year off right!

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Shadrack’s Winter Wonderland

Tennessee Smokies Baseball Stadium
3540 Line Drive, Kodak TN 37764
(888) 321-7547

Dates: November 4 – January 8, 2017
Hours: Dusk – 10 p.m., Later on Weekends
Cars or Family Vans: $25
Activity Van, Limo, or Mini/Half Bus: $40
Tour/School Bus: $80
Purchase tickets onsite. Cash and credit cards accepted.