Escape Rooms Challenges

Most people visit the Smokies to get away from it all, but the growing popularity of escape room attractions is putting a whole new spin on the concept. These new indoor venues offer the perfect opportunity for some winter fun during your next trip to the Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg areas. You’ve shopped the outlets; you’ve seen the shows; now add a little frenzied excitement that doesn’t involve go-karts!

The premise of most room escapes is the same: a team is placed in a locked room and is given a series of clues to make their exit. As the clock ticks down, everyone must scramble to find the clues and solve the puzzles. There’s no way to succeed without cooperation and communication, making an escape room game the perfect family activity.

With a wide variety of scenarios, no two escapes are ever the same. Check out the different story lines available at three different Pigeon Forge escape room attractions.

Escape Games Attraction

Prison Break, Heist, Gold Rush

The Escape Game Pigeon Forge
In Gold Rush, you’ll search for a greedy gold prospector’s stash. Get it before the mob gets it (or gets you!).
In The Heist you will battle wits with art thieves. Is stealing back from thieves still stealing?  The Prison Break scenario finds you wrongfully imprisoned. You must make your escape!  Classified calls on you to join a special ops team trying to stop a major international terrorist threat.

Trapped Escape Game

Asylum, Alcatraz, Haunted Cabin

Trapped Escape Game
In Asylum you must find out the truth behind the shady goings-on before the next awful experiment is you!  Alcatraz prison was supposed to be escape-proof. Can you bust out of the infamous prison?  Capone might be after you! Can you get out of the room before the notorious gangster comes to deal with you?  The Haunted Cabin would feel right at home in the Smokies, if it weren’t for the mysterious moonshiner who left a fortune somewhere in the building. Can you find it before something frightening happens to you and your entire family before you become Trapped?

Escape Room Pigeon Forge

Da Vinci, Roswell, Orphanage

Kryptology Escape Rooms
This location is geared toward a particularly family-friendly experience.
Vanished in Roswell tasks you with finding out what’s going on at the infamous top secret military base in New Mexico.  DaVinci’s Madness finds you trapped in the great thinker’s long-lost workshop.  In The Orphanage you’ll need to discover the source of the strange noises and sightings at St. Sebastian’s Home for Children.

Now matter which adventure you choose, come prepared for an hour or so of frantic, brain-busting fun. After it’s over, whether you escape or not, you’ll talk about it for days, planning your next cabin escape to a Smoky Mountain getaway.