2016 Wilderness Wildlife Week Celebration

With one of the most biodiverse geographies in the world, the area around the Smokies is the ideal location for nature lovers. And the Annual Wilderness Wildlife Week in Pigeon Forge is everything that a nature enthusiast could want in a single conference. From May 18-22, 2016  at the LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge, come and learn all you ever wanted to know about animals, plants, outdoor recreation, regional history, art, and more. The event is free and open to the public and features daily programs from 8 a.m.-7:30 p.m., vendors, excursions, and a farmer’s market. Plan to spend the whole week in a cabin in Pigeon Forge area so that you can take advantage of all that the Wilderness Wildlife Week 2016 has to offer.

2016 Wildlife Week Schedule

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No matter your age or level of interest, you’ll definitely find a class or seminar to pique your curiosity. There are many sessions aimed specifically for kids, with courses offered on topics like fish and water quality, pioneer toys, snakes, and composting. Plant lovers can learn about the health of the forest or about wildflowers. Avid hikers can attend a session to find out about the latest gear or to get some tips to improve their experiences at the many regional wilderness locations, also a session topic. Anyone interested in history and heritage can choose from dozens of seminars about Appalachia, from cemeteries to quilting to medicine to moonshine. Animal aficionados, whether mammal, insect, fish or reptile, will pick up something new. Both aspiring and accomplished photographers, painters, whittlers, or quilters can hone their crafts. You can even learn to play the spoons. Truly, the week will offer something for everyone.

If the indoor seminars held at the LeConte Center are not enough to slake the thirst for the wilderness, you can also sign up for one of the dozens of outdoor excursions that will be offered throughout the week. Several bus tours will run from Wednesday through Saturday to locations like Bush Beans, the Little River Train Museum, and Cades Cove. Hikers can join in with jaunts to Abrams Falls, Jakes Creek, Andrews Bald, Mt. LeConte, or the Chimneys. Bird lovers can take part in owl walks and eagle bus tours. Or you can take to the water on a rafting or tubing trip.

On Saturday, May 21, the festivities will continue with an Appalachian Homecoming at Patriots Park in Pigeon Forge. Beginning at 6 p.m., you can enjoy music & storytelling, hay rides, antique tractors, and a non-profit fundraiser picnic.

Throughout the week, you’ll want to check out the many vendors and the farmer’s market. Whether you’re looking for local farm goods, fine arts and crafts, or gear from an outfitter, you’ll find it during the Wilderness Wildlife Week.

After several days of learning all that you can about the wilderness and the history and heritage of the region, you’ll be more than ready to extend your stay so that you can capitalize on all that you’ve come to know. The next time you book a cabin in Pigeon Forge, you’ll know exactly what to do.

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