Beating the Heat at Dollywood Tennessee

Even nestled snuggly in the cool hills of the Smokies, Dollywood can get hot in the summer time. If you’re looking for a way to beat the heat when you visit the park during the Great American Summer Celebration, be sure to hit these refreshing water rides.

Dollywood Water Rides Daredevil Falls

Open Through October 29

Daredevil Falls
Located in Craftsman’s Valley, Daredevil Falls takes riders on a thrilling adventure through an abandoned logging camp. Climb aboard your floating log, but be sure to watch out for the bears and the skill-running lumber machinery! You’re certain to get at least a little bit wet as your boat plummets down a 60 foot drop, reaching speeds of 50 mph. That wind alone would cool you off for sure.  Daredevil Falls closes at dusk during the Great American Summer Festival.

Dollywood Water Rides Slidewinder

Open Through September 5

Mountain Slidewinder
Climb through the wooded mountains to reach the boarding platform of this ride in the Owen’s Farm area of the park. Once aboard, you’ll ride your water toboggan down the mountain slide on a twisting and turning course that will whisk you high on the banked curves and then send you speeding down the final slope into a spray of water.  The Slidewinder closes at dusk during the Great American Summer Festival.

Dollywood Water Rides River Battle

Open Through September 5

River Battle
The River Battle water ride in the Wilderness Pass is a little more low-key than either Daredevil Falls or Mountain Slidewinder. You might get more wet, though, on this interactive boat ride. Each water raft is equipped with soaker guns. Shoot the other riders or the over 100 targets that line the course. You might also soak the other park visitors that are watching the ride! With 8 passenger rafts, this ride is great for getting the whole family soaked together.

Dollywood Water Rides River Rampage

Open Through October 29

Smoky Mountain River Rampage
You can go on a white water rafting adventure without ever leaving Dollywood. Prepare to be soaked in Rivertown Junction as your round raft courses along the “river”, twisting, turning, and dipping as it goes. Hit the drops just right and you’ll be drenched from head to toe!  This water ride is big time fun for the entire family as kids 36″ and taller can ride.

With all these water rides spread judiciously through the theme park, you can easily get wet at one ride, then let yourself dry out by the time you get to the next one where you’ll be ready for another refreshing splash down.